The mission of the International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators (IAHTI) is to provide human trafficking education to law enforcement investigators, crime analysts and prosecutors so they can effectively identify victims, rescue victims and successfully prosecute the traffickers. Our goal is to educate the world one city at a time.

Since 2009, IAHTI has provided victim-centered training for thousands of investigators in more than 64 countries and two U.S. Territories, with those numbers growing every year.


What makes our training different?

What makes IAHTI different from other organizations is our experienced trainers. They are active or retired city, county, state, and federal human trafficking investigators. Rather than sharing conceptual knowledge based solely on a handbook, IAHTI’s trainers bring real-world experience learned in the field.

IAHTI has presented for several national and international groups, including the National Institute of Justice, the Office for Victims of Crime Technical Training Assistance Center, the U.S. State Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, United States Marshall Service and the Human Smuggling and Trafficking Center to name a few. In 2010, the founders of IAHTI assisted the National Institute of Justice with preparing a report for Congress.

IAHTI offers specialized in-person and online training courses for city, county, state and federal Law enforcement agencies, Prosecutors and Crime Analysts. A few options include Introduction to human trafficking, Advanced human trafficking Investigations, Sex Trafficking, Labor Trafficking, Gang and Organized Crime Investigations, Document Fraud, Brothel Investigations, Harboring Investigations, Indentured Servitude, social media and OCINT investigations, Victim centered Investigations and operations, legal trends and case law updates, and large-scale event planning.

A value-added benefit of IAHTI trainings are the networking opportunities. Sharing best practices between investigators is the best recipe for effective victim rescues and trafficker prosecutions.

Training for Community Organizations

IAHTI frequently presents to community organizations, such as faith-based and civic groups. IAHTI experts present on a number of topics relevant to these groups, such as:

• What is Human Trafficking?
• Does it happen in my community?
• How to identify a victim of human trafficking?
• What to do if you suspect human trafficking?
• How can I assist investigators who have rescued victim(s)?
• Who do I contact if I locate a victim?
• Why does human trafficking happen?
• Where does human trafficking happen?

Request a Law Enforcement or Community Presentation

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