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Human trafficking is a crime that occurs in every country regardless of whether it is a rural town or a large metropolis. It does not discriminate based on age, race, religion or socio-economic status but rather preys on the vulnerable in our communities. IAHTI was established over a decade ago to educate the community, law enforcement, prosecutors and crime analysts. During this time, we learned that to impact this horrible crime we must take a multi-faceted approach on designing curricula and training our communities.

The International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators has developed several online training courses for the community, government and law enforcement. These E-learning courses were created using a victim centered approach. The course development was a collaborative effort of expertise by using experienced human trafficking investigators, survivors, academia and members from the victim service community. These courses will provide community members with the knowledge on how to identify and report a potential crime or victimization of human trafficking. They will provide law enforcement with the knowledge to identify victims, establish rapport, engage appropriate services for victims after they are rescued and, most importantly, the knowledge and confidence to investigate and successfully prosecute these complicated cases.


Learn more about how to educate your employees regardless of the size of your corporation, faith-based organization, government agency, or if you are a concerned citizen who would like to learn more.

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